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Allgemein Rotes Meer
House Reef (Ras Murat)  
Ras Mohammed  
Strasse von Tiran  



Allgemein Rotes Meer
Red Sea

Ever since the Red Sea was discovered for diving in the 50ies it has been said to be one of the most beautiful and colourful paradises for divers worldwide. The water temperature of these tropic waters never falls beneath 22 degrees. Together with its high level of salinity this makes the Red Sea a unique biotope.As it is an almost closed water, with no rivers and therefore no freshwater running into it, the water of the Red Sea is extraordinarily clear and transparent.A big attraction for snorkelers as well as for divers are for sure the many reefs we find here. This very sensitive ecosystem provides shelter and nourishment for thousands of species, whose coexistence is connected to each other by complicated chains of food.

For the protection and preservation of these precious ecosystems the Ras Mohammed National Park has been established in 1983 and even expanded in 1989.

Today there is a total of 11000 km2 of the Sinai, that belong to this protected area.

The Red Sea represents a unique diving area, which, in contrary to the deserts surrounding it, resembles a vibrant paradise, bursting with life and colour.

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