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What's on offer at Magic Divers...

During your holiday visit our center to learn how to dive or upgrade your certificate level. Our weekly programme includes...

  • Daily boat trips to Streets of Tiran, Local sites or Ras Mohammed on our Boat the Santa Rosa.

  • Introduction, fun or refresher dives on our house reef, Ras Murat.

  • Snorkel Trips via Speedboat to Tiran Island

  • Boat trips to our local Wreck "Million Hope" or further sites such as "Dunraven" or "Thistlegorm"

  • Or night dives on our housereef!

  • Courses & Diving packages

    At Magic Divers we operate through both SSI and PADI, offering courses from beginner to Divemaster. We have both English and German instructors, happy to provide theory and practial lessons to improve your confidence in the water. However if you have limited time during your holiday, you can complete your theory training online through both organisations.

    For certifed divers we offer a range of diving packages depending on how many days your with us for. We hope to visit all of our top diving locations, including Straits of Tiran, Local and Ras Mohammed at least once a week, as well as housereef dives everyday.

    For more information or to make a booking please contact sharm@magicdivers.at

    Explore one of the Red Sea's largest wrecks... Million Hope

    Reaching 175 meters long and 25 meters wide the ship was built in Japan in 1972, designed as a large cargo ship. On 19th June, 1996, Million Hope set course from Aqaba for Taiwan loaded with 26,000 tonnes of Phospate and Potash, however after crashing into Nabq Reef a fire broke out. While all 25 members of crew and all cargo were saved, the ship is now famous for being one of the biggest wrecks in the Red Sea.

    While trying to remove visible parts of Million Hope, a catepillar crane moved too close to the edge and sank at the dive site, currently sitting at 22ms. Under Million Hope also lays 'Hey Daroma' a smaller passenger boat that sunk in 1970 and parts of which are still visible in the shallows.

    The Site is a short 10 minute speedboat ride from Magic Life's jetty, and is available as a morning or afternoon trip, lasting 2-3 hours.

    Basic Facts...
  • Sank in 1996

  • Length: 174.6 by 24.8 meters

  • Depth: ranging from the surface to 22 meters.

  • Skill level: Advanced divers (sometimes currents, and entry/exit onto speedboat)

  • Speedboat trips to snorkel Tiran Island's famous spots

    Tiran Island has some of the most beautiful snorkelling spots in the Red Sea, including four main reefs, and a shallow laguna area perfect for beginner snorkellers.

    The journey to the reefs is around 10 minutes by speedboat. We can have up to 6 passengers and one snorkel guide. During the trip we provide you with snorkelling equipment and lifevests.

    The sites you can visit...

  • To step foot on Tiran Island you will need to visit Laguna reef. Here the speedboat slides into the shallow beach area, allowing you to walk on the island and take scenic pictures of the turquoise waters below. An idealic spot for beginner snorkellers and children.

  • Jackson Reef is one of the most diverse of the Atolls. Experience shallow coral gardens, as well as Sharm's famous drop off points. While cruising past Jacksons you can also see the wreck 'Lara', which crashed into the reef in December 1981. Now all you see is the outer frame, as the debris sinked onto the reef below. 

  • Woodhouse reef is a longer, narrower reef consisting of steep walls and great visibility. Here the scene is more dramatic for the sheer scale of the atolls drop off. (This site is suitable for more experience snorkellers, as there is no bottom to touch.)

  • Thomas reef, one of the smaller reefs, is also famous for its beautiful, but steep coral walls, also better suited for experience snorkellers.

  • Gordon's reef is perfect for all levels. It begins with shallow reefs from 4/5ms stretching out with large coral gardens to deeper drop offs. Another wreck visible on land, the 'Louilla' also crashing in 1981, in September. 

    On all sites you can see a variety of marine life, including Barracudas, Cornet fish, Eagle Rays, Turtles, Moray eels and Napolion. Also see thousands of smaller fish such as Banner, Angel, Damsel and butterfly fish and many more...


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